New 7 Wonders expansion "Edifice" open for pre-order

New 7 Wonders expansion "Edifice" open for pre-order

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7 Wonders is getting another expansion, called "Edifice". The expansion brings a new type of card, "edifices", that aims to add a new type of player interaction without increasing play time or complexity. During setup, 3 edifice cards (1 per age) are added to the game. Help to construct one of the projects to receive a token that makes you eligible for the rewards, or penalties, if it is completed at the end of the age. There is one less token than players, so not everyone will be able to participate!

This adds a new layer to the game. Will you focus on yourself and ignore these projects (but potentially missing out on a lot of good rewards that the other players may gain), or will you cooperate even with the penalty risk if you fail? If you do decide to cooperate, it is also the decision on which one, which player you'd ideally want to help along (or not), and so on. This seems like a good addition to the 7 Wonders game, as the game definitely could use more player interaction...
Exclusive Interview with Valor & Villainy designer James Van Niekerk

Exclusive Interview with Valor & Villainy designer James Van Niekerk

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BGD: Would you like to tell a little bit about yourself to the readers?

James: I have been a passionate board gamer my whole life! Ever since my brother and I picked up some old used Warhammer models from a garage sale, we've been into tinkering with board games and playing them all the time.

James said:
It is definitely challenging and a lot of work to write a campaign. But you also get a very unique opportunity to tell a cool story, which I enjoyed immensely. I worked with writers and friends: Ryan Biddulph and Kevin Houle to write the main storyline and the character stories and archs for Lludwik's Labyrinth. I wrote a ton of the in-game events and many people at Skybound Tabletop helped all over as well. The result of all our collaboration is a really neat story that you can even get involved in. It is so very silly at first, but it lands in some really fun and creative and hilarious, and sad and even creepy places at times. The main setting of being in the...
My upcoming crowdfunded board games for 2023 - Part 1

My upcoming crowdfunded board games for 2023 - Part 1

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Read on to check out what games are on my crowdfunding-list for 2023!
I have a wide variety of games I am currently waiting for, although I've tried to keep within a "reasonable" amount for, uhm, unspecified constraints! (don't tell my wife about this!)
Did you look at any of these games? Feel free to share what games you are most excited about getting your hands on in 2023!

AracKhan Wars - The Card Game
Original delivery: Feb 2022.
New delivery: Current timeline suggests delivery around mid 2023.
Pledge: Titan pledge (99 EUR).

The first thing that peeked my interest was the incredible art. They have truly done an amazing job with the design and style. I've always looked to find a card game that gave me some Hearthstone vibes in a board game format, and AracKhan Wars looks to tick that itch. I don't really...
Welcome to the BoardGame Dungeon!

Welcome to the BoardGame Dungeon!

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Hello and welcome to our new community - BoardGame Dungeon!
I consider the site being in beta right now, as I want more feedback and allow the site to grow naturally in the right direction with the right set of features! Come along and help shape it!
I wanted to create a modern platform to discuss board games and share the love for board games, and having a extra focus on the social aspects of the board gaming. Groups, tournaments, showcasing your collections/mini paints and much more.

Why join BGD?
  • The site is running on one of the most advanced forum softwares. Providing a feature-rich, modern, clean and mobile-friendly forum design/layout. PWA app for android/windows pc/iOS is coming.
  • Dedicated news section. I enjoy writing about board games, so there will be a fair share of stuff from regular "news", interviews, previews, unboxing articles, guides and more, that I've made.
    For launch, we have an exclusive interview with game designer...

What kind of board gamer are you when it comes to managing your board game collection?

  • A You prefer to keep the collection relatively small...

    Votes: 1 16.7%
  • B You have a large collection that just keeps growing and growing..

    Votes: 2 33.3%
  • C Those in the middle trying to balance it...

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  • D Mostly play at friends, so little to no collection personally...

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