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Refer a friend to BGD!

Refer a friend to BGD!

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You can now refer friends to join BGD, using your unique referral link provided in the forum list sidebar and in your profile.
When a user registers on the site after clicking your referral link (and posting at least 1 forum post), you will gain that person as a referred member in your profile and referral score board.

For referrals, you can unlock additional badges for your profile:
1 referral
5 referrals
15 referrals

The top referrer in total after 3 months will receive a 25 USD gift as well!
Additional prizes may be incentivized if there is a larger amount of traffic than anticipated.
Board Game Dungeon can now be installed as a app on your mobile and desktop devices!

Board Game Dungeon can now be installed as a app on your mobile and desktop devices!

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Board Game Dungeon can now be installed as a app on your mobile and desktop devices!

This will allow you to install BGD as a PWA app on your phone or desktop devices, so you can place the app on your home screen or desktop. It features a cool splash screen and looks and feels like what you would expect from an app. As well as other features such as responsive design and interface for the device you installed it on, instant push notifications (you can adjust these settings in your profile), and it is fast and lightweight. You don't need to visit the app store to update, so it is really hazzle free.

On desktop, look for this icon to install the app on the device.
On mobile, you click the ... menu to bring up the sidebar, and there you can select to install app.
Welcome to the BoardGame Dungeon!

Welcome to the BoardGame Dungeon!

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Hello and welcome to our new community - BoardGame Dungeon!
I consider the site being in beta right now, as I want more feedback and allow the site to grow naturally in the right direction with the right set of features! Come along and help shape it!
I wanted to create a modern platform to discuss board games and share the love for board games, and having a extra focus on the social aspects of the board gaming. Groups, tournaments, showcasing your collections/mini paints and much more.

Why join BGD?
  • The site is running on one of the most advanced forum softwares. Providing a feature-rich, modern, clean and mobile-friendly forum design/layout. PWA app for android/windows pc/iOS is coming.
  • Dedicated news section. I enjoy writing about board games, so there will be a fair share of stuff from regular "news", interviews, previews, unboxing articles, guides and more, that I've made.
    For launch, we have an exclusive interview with game designer...

What kind of board gamer are you when it comes to managing your board game collection?

  • A You prefer to keep the collection relatively small...

    Votes: 1 16.7%
  • B You have a large collection that just keeps growing and growing..

    Votes: 2 33.3%
  • C Those in the middle trying to balance it...

    Votes: 2 33.3%
  • D Mostly play at friends, so little to no collection personally...

    Votes: 1 16.7%
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