Exclusive Interview with Valor & Villainy designer James Van Niekerk

Exclusive Interview with Valor & Villainy designer James Van Niekerk

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BGD: Would you like to tell a little bit about yourself to the readers?

James: I have been a passionate board gamer my whole life! Ever since my brother and I picked up some old used Warhammer models from a garage sale, we've been into tinkering with board games and playing them all the time.

James said:
It is definitely challenging and a lot of work to write a campaign. But you also get a very unique opportunity to tell a cool story, which I enjoyed immensely. I worked with writers and friends: Ryan Biddulph and Kevin Houle to write the main storyline and the character stories and archs for Lludwik's Labyrinth. I wrote a ton of the in-game events and many people at Skybound Tabletop helped all over as well. The result of all our collaboration is a really neat story that you can even get involved in. It is so very silly at first, but it lands in some really fun and creative and hilarious, and sad and even creepy places at times. The main setting of being in the...

What kind of board gamer are you when it comes to managing your board game collection?

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