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Hello and welcome to our new community - BoardGame Dungeon!
I consider the site being in beta right now, as I want more feedback and allow the site to grow naturally in the right direction with the right set of features! Come along and help shape it!
I wanted to create a modern platform to discuss board games and share the love for board games, and having a extra focus on the social aspects of the board gaming. Groups, tournaments, showcasing your collections/mini paints and much more.

Why join BGD?
  • The site is running on one of the most advanced forum softwares. Providing a feature-rich, modern, clean and mobile-friendly forum design/layout. PWA app for android/windows pc/iOS is coming.
  • Dedicated news section. I enjoy writing about board games, so there will be a fair share of stuff from regular "news", interviews, previews, unboxing articles, guides and more, that I've made.
    For launch, we have an exclusive interview with game designer James Van Niekerk, which has a lot of cool info on his games Valor & Villainy: Minions of Mordak, upcoming game Valor & Villainy: Lludwik's Labyrinth and more. You can check that out on the front page! (Also working on another one, but too early to give details!). As well as other things that I am currently busy writing/editing.
  • Create and join board game groups! You can manage it with dedicated member lists, events & calendar system, your own forum, media/file sharing, admin management, logo/front page and other cool features. Maybe you can find a club to play with that resides near you?
  • Mange your board game tournaments. You and/or your users can create and manage (invite users, kick users, etc) public or private tournaments with up to 64 contestants in just a few mouse clicks among 6 different types. The look'n'feel of the tournaments brackets is similar to what you see for sports tournaments or e-sports.Matches are either automatically generated at the end of the registration period or can be randomly generated or manually selected by the tournament creator, or any user with manage rights.
    • I will host dedicated tournaments regularly, and the plan eventually is to have a sort of league system in the most popular games. Some of them will feature prices, like the Terraforming Mars online tournament we have running now for sign-up now.
  • Our Showcase! Display your awesome board game collections, mini paints, deluxe components or other cool stuff from your board games! Elegant portal with emphasis on visual presentation and allowing for easy commenting and discussions/interactions among the users.
  • Check out board game streams, directly here on BGD! No need to filter manually through Twitch looking for board game streams among mostly video games.
  • There is also a database, which I'm testing functionality and integrations with. But this is early stages. Feel free to provide feedback and give ideas to what direction you think it can go :)
  • Raffles (giveaways) are hosted at regular intervals to make some fun!
I hope that you will come along the journey and participate and spread the word!
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