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Top 5 upcoming board games for 2023 - Keep your eyes on these games!

Top 5 upcoming board games for 2023 - Keep your eyes on these games!

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There looks to be many awesome games being released in 2023, so it is hard to navigate through the jungle of games being released. Here I have picked out our top 5 picks that I am the most excited about trying out! You'll definitely want to keep these upcoming board games on your radar! Also, I have omitted re-prints/expansions and focused on new/standalone games.
If you are missing a game coming out in 2023, that you are really excited about, let us know in the comments!

1. The Queen’s Dilemma

The Queen's Dilemma is a stand alone successor to The King's Dilemma (2019), and is a competitive narrative legacy game for 3-6 players. The events are set 100 years after the first game, and the games will have similarities, but you are not required to have played the first game before jumping into The Queen's Dilemma.

The Dilemma games are very unique legacy RPG games where you follow the life of the regent where you noble aristocrats are always looking to...

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