Stone Age Digital Edition coming in Q2 2023

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Acram Digital and Z-Man Games.

Acram Digital is releasing a digital edition of the popular board game Stone Age (2008) in Q2 2023. The game is being released on Steam, Nintendo Switch and Android/Apple mobile devices in Q2 2023. Acram Digital has previously made other digital board game adaptions, such as Concordia, Unmatched, Charterstone, Istanbul and more.

In the game you take on the role as a pre-historic human with basic tools. In the first phase of the game you place workers in areas you think will benefit your tribe the most. In the second phase, you activate the workers and perform the said actions in the order of your choosing. Gather various resources, manage your workers, gain civilization cards and build buildings to advance your culture. In the third phase, you must feed your people. If you don't have enough food, you will lose resources or even victory points. There is a limited amount of space available, so there is always a management of finding the right action to take each round.


Screenshot from the Stone Age: Digital Edition.

The digital edition boasts to be an official edition consulted with the designers of the board game, with modern features such as a online ranking system with divisions and synchronous and asynchronous online game modes. Check out the teaser trailer and Steam store link for more information. While waiting for the digital edition to release, you can also try out the board game original from Z-Man Games.

Digital Teaser

Steam Store link
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