New 7 Wonders expansion "Edifice" open for pre-order

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7 Wonders is getting another expansion, called "Edifice". The expansion brings a new type of card, "edifices", that aims to add a new type of player interaction without increasing play time or complexity. During setup, 3 edifice cards (1 per age) are added to the game. Help to construct one of the projects to receive a token that makes you eligible for the rewards, or penalties, if it is completed at the end of the age. There is one less token than players, so not everyone will be able to participate!

This adds a new layer to the game. Will you focus on yourself and ignore these projects (but potentially missing out on a lot of good rewards that the other players may gain), or will you cooperate even with the penalty risk if you fail? If you do decide to cooperate, it is also the decision on which one, which player you'd ideally want to help along (or not), and so on. This seems like a good addition to the 7 Wonders game, as the game definitely could use more player interaction. Easy rules, but still adds a nice layer to the gameplay.


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adds 15 Edifice cards that you can chose from as projects. It also contains two new wonders, Ur and Carthage.
It is also worth mentioning that the expansion is compatible with the old version of 7 Wonders as well.

The expansion is available for pre-order on the Asmodee store, and selected partners, for 29,99 USD.


Photo: Asmodee/Repos Production

Ur and Carthage wonder boards

Photo: Asmodee/Repos Production
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