Scythe sequel "Expeditions" announced - Explore the Siberian tundra!

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Stonemaier games officially announced a Scythe sequel titled Expeditions, set to arrive mid-late 2023. One to five players will compete in this card-driven competitive game of exploration.

The sequel sends players into the Siberian tundra to explore around the events of a massive meteorite crash near Tunguska River, which has awoken an ancient corruption. Players set out to learn more about the meteorite and to find artifacts and glory, while having to deal with the corruption spreading in the land. Expeditions is set in the same mech focused 1920 alternate universe of eastern Europe/Russia.

The sequel is exploration focused, where you send your mech to various locations to gain benefits and play cards. The game promises a "familiar feel" for Scythe gamers (for example with how the scoring works). Other mechanics in play are variable map hexes, engine building, card/hand management, deck/bag building, worker placement, automa solo mode and more. Use items, artifacts, workers and complete quests to enhance your mech, while using power and guile to combat the corruption. Who will have the most successful expedition?

The game has been in development for 3 years and production is set to begin in March. You will get a full reveal of the game components (and reviews) in June as the game begins to ship. From August and out the game will start to hit pre-orders and then retail. The game can already be pre-ordered on the official site, which Stonemaier Games claims will allow you to get the game faster as the first-run wave, rather than waiting for retailers.

In addition to the standard version, there will be a Ironclad edition that features metal mechs instead of the standard plastic ones.
As for metal coins, the Scythe metal coins are compatible with Expeditions, and updated metals coins are also available for pre-order. The difference is the 5 USD coin, which has a distinct red hue. They can also be bought separately if you own the previous coin set.
  • Standard edition (with plastic mechs) pre-order price
    • EU 79 EUR
    • US 69 USD
  • Ironclad edition (with metal mechs) pre-order price
    • EU 114 EUR
    • US 99 USD
  • 80 Metal coin set (with updated $5 coin) pre-order price
    • EU 35 EUR
    • US 30 USD
  • Only updated $5 coin pre-order price
    • EU 6 EUR
    • US 5 USD
Screenshot 2023-02-02 092353.jpg

Map setup from rulebook.


Components overview

Teaser Trailer

More information can be found at the official website.
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