Terraforming Mars 1v1 Tournament [30 USD first prize]

@Mourice has been given a walkover due to his opponent not being active lately or trying to setup the match, and no match was completed before this Monday. This sets up the QF @Mourice vs @Niewodnik. Please try to get the match completed within a few days, @buko is waiting in the SF for the winner.

@MasterDebator vs @WavyJ424 is the last QF. Please setup and complete this match within a few days. Wavy was given a walkover due to his opponent retiring from the tournament.

Niewodnik 1 - Mourice 0



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Hi, MasterDebator won. If I recall correctly, it was 105-104 for him but I'm not sure. He probably forgot about taking screenshot and writing result here :D
Game took place 10 days ago.

Update. Master has not been on the site for 7 days I see now.. If he does not complete the match with Wavy soon, you will get his place.
I don't have a date of a match with buko yet since he keeps on postponing it :)

I hope he is able to schedule the match soon :)

When we get the final lineup, you will wait to schedule as I will announce it on the TM reddit first, to allow people to gather and (hopefully) watch the matches played live if anyone is able to stream it :) Reminder that the final is a BO3 matchup.
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