What's the most frustrating board game you played?

Dec 18, 2022
Board games are meant to deliver a good load of fun to both kids and adults but that doesn't change the fact that it also comes with a lot of frustrating elements that would always torment your experience with the game.

Monopoly would hands down be the most frustrating board game that I have played because it always drags too long than it's supposed to which usually makes some gamers quit the game than complete it.
Of all the board games I have played in the past from being a kid to now being an adult, the one game that I found to be the most frustrating was Monopoly. I remember last year my son got Monopoly for Christmas as a present and me and daughter spent 3 hours playing it and I got so frustrated at one point. It's definitely not one of the games I make a point of playing all the time LOL. Another one for me when I was younger was Cluedo, no matter how much I tried to play that with my family I would get frustrated.
Yahtzee would be my most frustrating board game ever played. With the rolling of dice constantly, no matter how good you think you are, you will keep getting results that would keep making you regret your choices.

Even playing with the best strategy, you would never be safe from getting caught up with getting a bad roll.
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