What is your "pet peeve" (if any) when it comes to board gaming?


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May 18, 2020
What is your "pet peeve" (if any) when it comes to board gaming?

Some of these I've seen others say, so I'll write a few that I remember.
The one who always tanks even on minor decisions because he wants to calculate it all like this is a chess game?
The one who doesn't pay attention during rules/teach, and then complains later that "you didn't explain that this isn't allowed!", even though you did..
The one who is on his phone/not paying attention, so that you often have to tell them when it's their turn..
The one who almost always complains, even if he may end up winning at the end. ("oh wow didn't think I'd do this well!")
The one who almost always will call the new game shit if they end up doing poorly/haven't understood the game properly yet.

And so on... :)

I personally don't have any huge pet peeves, just as long as people are friendly and not taking the game TOO seriously.

(though when it comes to poker, the "not paying attention" is extremely frustrating, if it happens a lot. That's a solid 9/10.)
I must agree on people looking at their phone. I mean: when you are relaxing it's ok to have some fun on social networks, but spending 80% of your time with your nose down while playing a game is too much.

Do you want to spend your time on your smartphone? Ok: just don't play the board game.

For me, playing a board game is also socializing.
Definitely. What is even the point if playing then.. It's just some are sickly attached to their phones. The same problem can occur when friends are watching a movie at home. There comes the phone

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