Rules Official Game of Thrones Board Game 2nd Edition rule clarifications (questions that are not covered by FAQ)


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May 18, 2020
This is a summary of rule clarifications, that have been answered by Jason Walden, the designer behind Mother of Dragons (and co-designer on the base game). These questions are either not answered at all, or not made clear enough, in the official rules/FAQ.

Q: Can a order token exist in an area without a unit?
: For example, during the resolution of the faceless men loan card, you may be in a situation where you have order token(s) in areas that no longer have units in them. Since the official FAQ entry about this (areas without units), only covers the action phase, and the loan resolution is during consolidate phase, this technically was not covered by the current rules. So the actuality was that the absence of units is only checked at the end of the combat cleanup step. So the Faceless Man loan could leave behind an order token.

A: "Order tokens should NEVER exist in areas without units. If an area is ever emptied of units, remove all order tokens there as well."

Q: Resolution of wildling card The Horde Descends as lowest bidder, if he cannot take two units from one castle area, he can select two units anywhere (no longer limited to it being castle areas)?
: The FAQ/rules leave a little bit of room for interpreting that you may need to select the two units at castle/stronghold areas (so for example taking two lone footmen at two castle areas), before being able to select units from anywhere.

A He must first attempt to identify an castle/stronghold area that contains 2 or more units.
If he cannot, he can then destroy any 2 units of his choice, regardless where they are.

More entries will be filled in as they come :)
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