Mythic Games latest blunder

Mythic Games have had a bad year. They had to sell off a lot of their IP's and charge extra shipping cost on their latest games like Darkest Dungeon, and re-organize their operations (meaning lots of people lost their jobs). Their business modell clearly couldn't handle Covid and the extra shipping costs. They have always used funds from next kickstarter to help make the last game they had on kickstarter, and costs finally caught up to them.
I backed 6:Siege the board game July 2021. Their problems started early 2022 and after the "Darkest Dungeon gate" where they held the copies randsom from backers, I knew that 6:Siege also would have some extra cost regardign shipping.
Just got the bad news on how much extra I had to pay in order to get my pledge sent to me. For my 199$ pledge I will have to pay another 99$ for shipping. VAT will probably come with it, so it will be more expensive. This is just a crazy amount of money to be asking. 50% of what we originally pledged! Other companies had similar problems regarding extra shipping but have handle this in a much better way. Shadowborn Games (Oathsworn) charged 18$ extra for the all-inn with another promise of 10% discount of every next games they put out on crowdfunding (a little too generious perhaps). They even put out 100 000$ of their own pocket to cover shipping expenses.

I feel this could be handle a lot better from Mythic Games, and I will never back anything from them again. I still haven't deceided if I should ask for a refund or pay to get the game. The game itself looks incredible.

Have you ever had similar issues yourselfes?
Does not sound good... I haven't been up to speed with the whole 6:Siege thing, but seems like the whole company is not doing business in a good manner indeed.. Like you said, using funding of the next game to complete the previous game, which means at some point shit will go down..

The asking of 100 USD extra for shipping (when the product pledge total is 199 USD) is just laughably absurd! I would cancel the pledge in an instant, but of course the chance of getting a refund probably isn't great given the financials of the company.. It's a shit situation there @Hubbe :\

I guess it is a combination of garbage planning and underestimating costs of production, as well as the game not being nowhere done (rules?) when the KS campaign ran. At least some users on KS pointed it out. Thus having to re-do lots of stuff as they go along to find out how the rules and gameplay actually will be.

I had a similar experience with Grey Fox Games, in which they needed to stall the games (which were just going to be re-printed) as hostage in China until more campaigns completed, so they could pool them on the same freight ship to save money. And even then, they needed additional funding for shipping at the end or else it was basically your pledge at risk if they didn't receive the necessary funds.

A video on the matter I found on YT:
Did you end up paying? Is the issues resolved and the game is "under way"?
Yeah, I caved in. The game is under production and should arrive in Q4. I figured I would probably never getting my money back so it's better to at least get a game out of this mess.
Yeah, I caved in. The game is under production and should arrive in Q4. I figured I would probably never getting my money back so it's better to at least get a game out of this mess.

Ok :) Yeah that's a fair assessment of the situation, and hopefully the game is worth it in the end, which is what matters most :)

Though I can also understand those who did not pay from a more principal standpoint. Not an easy choice..
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