Giveaway - Win a 25 USD gift card!

May 18, 2020
Giveaway - Win a 25 USD gift card!

Summer is here šŸŒž
While you are enjoying the nice weather, drop by BGD and join our latest giveaway!

The price pool is a gift card from Cool Stuff Inc or Zatu Games. They both ship internationally and they have a large variety of board games and accessories for good prices.

Read more and enter here:
Giveaway - Win a 25 USD gift card!

Aaaaand here it is the beast!

I've used the gift card to lower the price of this game I was following since forever: Arkham Horror Third Edition.

Apparently it was the last available copy at Dungeondice.

Also the online shop offers the opportunity to have an extra 2% discount if you chosse the "no stress shipping". Basically you allow them to have long shipping times. That's an intresting concept.

Thank you again for the contest!
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