Crowdfunding Gamefound 2022 falls short of its goal, but still ate into the Kickstarter market share - Do you like Gamefound?


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May 18, 2020
Marcin Świerkot, founder of the upstart crowdfunding platform Gamefound, set an ambitious goal for his company in 2022. He and his team hoped to bring in $67.5 million — 25% of competitor Kickstarter’s revenue from tabletop projects in 2021. In the end, he fell well short of that goal. The Poland-based Gamefound increased its revenue more than 45% last year, earning just $28.3 million for new projects. Set against Kickstarter’s own $33 million decline in the tabletop category over the same period, it’s clear that, despite not reaching its financial goal, his team is quickly gaining on the Brooklyn-based crowdfunding giant.


Still a pretty good year as first year "out of beta". Kickstarter definitely noticed the added competition.
I especially like the Gamefound comment system and tags. Searching through kickstarter comments looking for vital details is a HUGE PAIN. On Gamefound you can just use the tags. (generally people are good at tagging important comments/replies with appropriate tags). As well as just the fact that competition is vital for bringing better deals to publishers/designers and backers.
The stable program is also a nice security for backers, who doesn't like that?

What do you think of Gamefound? Better functionality/features than Kickstarter?
Who wants to bet that Kickstarter is coming with its own pledge manager soon if they really start to notice the competition this year as well.. :)
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