Favourite solo games

Marvel Champions LCG for me!

Tip of the day: don't fall in the Marvel Champions hole: it's difficult to climb back to light.

Unlike other LCG games, you don't spend your turns to survive: you really have the feeling of 'doing stuff'. Sometimes you have those big turns where you deal a lot of damage or clear a vary bad board state and it's satisfying.

You can also tune the difficulty.

What is your favourite solo games?

For me:

1. Too Many Bones
2. The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-Earth
3. Burncycle

I'm really looking forward to Hoplomachus: Victorum showing up.
Is "Too many bones" scenario based? Or it's just skirmish?
- Robinson Crusoe
- Mage Knight
- Tainted Grail
- Mansions of Madness

Glooomhaven used to be up there but I've played it too much and it's falling behind. Frosthaven is a contendor.

Solid list. Thoughts on the newly announced game from Awaken Realms, Dragon Eclipse?
A game aimed at solo and 2 player mode. But the game seems a fair bit lighter than some of the heavy hitters like MK, GH etc.
Is "Too many bones" scenario based? Or it's just skirmish?
Sorry for the late reply :)
Too Many Bones core game have a set of ( mostly random) encounters (6-12, can't remember exactly and it varies of which Tyrant you want to fight). There are expansions with different scenarios.
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