Do you have (or plan to make) a "gaming room"? What would it look like?

May 18, 2020
Essentials to have in the room?
Nice to have stuff?

And if you have one today, please share images and experiences :)

We are currently building a new house, so I am planning on how to setup the gaming room.
It will at least feature:
  • Large dining table and 6-8 chairs. I may get a custom gaming table eventually, but for the moment I prefer the regular one as it doubles as a poker table when we play poker.
    • Custom designed mats for board gaming and poker that are specifically fitted for the size of my table (I have this already).
  • TV and small couch for chilling. TV also will work to display information during my poker tournaments.
  • Bar area with counter top, refrigerator, glasses etc. Easy access to drinks etc.
  • Shelves that can support all my games and accessories.
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