Diablo coming to the board game format!

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Blizzard is working together with Glass Cannon Unplugged to bring the Diablo experience to the board gaming world.
The hugely popular franchise has been a long running and very succesful PC series for years. Now Blizzard teams up with Glass Cannon Unplugged (Frostpunk, Dying Light etc.) to make the adaptation. Both games will draw material from the whole series, not just the recently released Diablo IV.

Diablo: The board game is due to launch on crowdfunding at a undisclosed time, while Diablo: The roleplaying game is expected to retail for BlizzCon 2024, which is normally held early November or late October.
Reportedly, the roleplaying game will feature some "unique" gameplay features, not just a 5D D&D module. Characters are going to face "inner struggles" of morality as they are thorn between light and darkness. There will also be "fast-paced combat" where you battle multiple opponents at once.

You can drop by the official website, where they are looking for feedback on what YOU want to see in the TTRPG:
We value your input! Take a moment to complete our survey and let us know your needs and desires for the Diablo® TTRPG experience. Your feedback will drive the enhancements we make. Let's co-create the ultimate game together!


Image credit: Blizzard/Glass Cannon Unplugged

Meanwhile, the details for the board game adaption is very sparse. The launch date of the campaign, and the expected release date of the project, is yet to be announced. Hopefully sometime in 2024 we will have more information.
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