Axis & Allies making a return with re-print, new entry and world championship!

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Axis & Allies is making a grand (or better yet "historic") return!

New entry in Axis & Allies series - You decide which one!
The most exciting news was that Renegade Game Studios has revealed that the next installment in the series will be decided by you, the community!
You can vote today on which option you want HERE, among four choices:
Click the link for more information from Wikipedia, on the various war theatres, in case you want more details before you select your vote.


The "You pick the battle - We'll make the game!" campaign to decide the next entry in the series.

4 Re-prints and 1 Limited Edition coming in 2023
Alongside the new entry, Renegade revealed that in 2023, the following games will start hitting the stores as re-prints.
  • Axis & Allies 1941 ($40)
  • Axis & Allies 1942 ($75)
  • Axis & Allies 1940 Europe ($100)
  • Axis & Allies 1940 Pacific ($100)
  • Axis & Allies: 1914 Limited edition ($100)
All the games are already available for pre-order at the official store.
The 4 re-prints will start appearing in Q2 (May), while the Limited Edition of 1914 is expected to start appearing in August (Q3). Even though they are not new editions, Renegade still has set to include various errata and updates, as well as some quality of life changes! So this could mean that even if you own the game today, the "new" edition may be worth looking into depending on the included changes. What specifically these changes entail (for example "quality of life" changes), is yet to be revealed.

The updated Renegade Axis & Allies 1914 Limited Edition will include additional German and British Empire infantry units, 30 more plastic chips, as well as rulebook updates from the official errata.


The four editions getting a re-print, as well as the Limited Edition release of 1914.

New website and world championship revealed
Renegade has launched a sub-site dedicated to Axis & Allies at . Check out the latest news, join their official facebook and discord communities, check out various official resources and more.

There will also be a Axis & Allies World Championship, hosted at Gen Con, August 3-6, 2023 in Indianapolis. So if you think you are the best and Axis & Allies, here is your chance to prove it! But even if you are not looking to play in the tournament, this is a great chance to come together and interact with fellow fans of the series. The registration will open up in May, with more details coming soon.
The Championships will be held by using Axis & Allies 1942, will consist of teams of 1-2 players, and will use a bidding system to determine sides.

The full Championship rules are available here:
Tournament Rules PDF
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