Announcing Kutná Hora: The City of Silver - Essen 2023 launch

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Lost Ruins of Arnak publisher Czech Games Edition (CGE) recently announced a new game called Kutná Hora: The City of Silver, which is expected to release in time for Essen Spiel 2023 (October 5 - October 8).

The game is for 2-4 players, and boasts to be a heavyweight, asymmetrical city building euro game that combines Czech history with a dynamic supply and demand economic system.

The game name (Kutná Hora) stems from an actual city in Czech Republic that you can visit today. Beautiful classic European scenery. The premise of the game is that it follows the discovery of silver in the mines in the region (hence the name "The City of Silver"), which gave the region a huge economical boom.

One of the primary areas that the publisher claims makes this particular historical city building game special, is their dynamic supply and demand system. The choices that each player makes will affect the other players through various mechanics, making this a highly interactive game. So you will be unable to focus just on yourself in this game, and be able to adapt to the changing economic landscape to nudge yourself ahead of the others over time. I think this is a refreshing approach, as so many games in this genere feels more like solitaire games where you mostly just focus on your own "engine". (even though that can also be fine, and some games do that well, it is nice with some other approaches!)

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The way the game tracks the various supply and demand, is with these nifty little "cardboard computers". Looks so darn cool! There are two sets of cardboard computers, to track the various resources in the game.
The first one focuses on the silver ore is being produced (mined and melted), as well as scribes. The other one (picture below) focuses on population, with tabs for food, lumber and entertainment.
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Depending on the asymmetrical guilds in play, each game may be very different from the last. The guilds will vastly change vital aspects of the game and economy. Some resources may be much less valuable, some more, and it can also relate to how much focus is in the mining and melting vs the relation to building buildings.

Other mechanics are tile placement on a shared board, area influence and action selection.
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The publisher aims for the Essen Spiel release, with a general retail release shortly afterwards. The retail price will be 59.95 USD/EUR.

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