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  1. Tex

    Top 5 upcoming board games for 2023 - Keep your eyes on these games!

    There looks to be many awesome games being released in 2023, so it is hard to navigate through the jungle of games being released. Here I have picked out our top 5 picks that I am the most excited about trying out! You'll definitely want to keep these upcoming board games on your radar! Also, I...
  2. Tex

    Exclusive Interview with Valor & Villainy designer James Van Niekerk

    Hello James, and thank you for taking the time for this interview with Board Game Dungeon! Background and introduction BGD: Would you like to tell a little bit about yourself to the readers? James: I have been a passionate board gamer my whole life! Ever since my brother and I picked up some...
  3. Tex

    My upcoming crowdfunded board games for 2023 - Part 1

    Read on to check out what games are on my crowdfunding-list for 2023! I have a wide variety of games I am currently waiting for, although I've tried to keep within a "reasonable" amount for, uhm, unspecified constraints! (don't tell my wife about this!) Did you look at any of these games? Feel...
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