Deluxe Components Glen More II Chronicles wooden chest with various other deluxe upgrades!

Glen More II Chronicles wooden chest with various other deluxe upgrades!

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This is my deluxe wooden chest for Glen More II Chronicles. Including a real leather strap with engravings to secure at the front, providing that extra deluxe feel ^^
Has thematic gravings over the whole chest, fits in Kallax shelves, and has support for base game, highland expansion and future expansion.

The chest is made by Laserox.


Front cover.


Side view, love the curved panels on the side here.


Top cover off. Highland expansion insert and content placed at the top, with the base game underneath.


The most adorable little player piece houses for the Scotmen to live in :) At the back is the rack for the building tiles, nicely divided in four stacks with front cover to secure it in place.

Bookshelf for the base game Chronicles on the left (promo chronicle "A" fits in the top section with the key hole) and the expansion Chronicles on the right.

Very nice official coins upgrade. They have the same dimensions as the base game coins, so that they fit onto the market place on the rondel.

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